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Providing Excellence Through Professional And Credible Elections.

We provide an all inclusive consultative and pre-election, election and post election service to clients who require our services. Our clientele includes, among others, medical aid schemes, provident and pension funds, political parties, trade unions, private schools, company trustees, executive directors, institutions of higher learning and civil societies.

Our Consultants Are Former Specialists From Elections Managemental Bodies Throughout The Continent.

Elections in the time Covid - 19 (Alert)

Most institutions of have had to postpone this years’ Board of Trustee and Office Bearer  elections do the supervening Covid – 19 Pandemic and the subsequent consequences of the Lockdown Regulations. Elections Management are a human interactive process, requiring many people/voters to congregate in one area, to either listen to manifestoes, campaign on behalf of their organizations and cast a physical ballot.

As an elections consulting firm, EMCA has had to review and rethink it’s strategic planning to ensure successful delivery of elections, particularly in relation to voting station management, increasing voter turnout during the pandemic and e- voting alternatives. All these are measures are critical and must be taken into consideration to ensure maximum safety measures are in place for any elections process to take place.

We are committed in ensuring the very best elections processes for all our clients despite the the Covid – 19 challenges. As your elections consulting service provider of choice, we belive it is our responsibility to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your voters and stakeholders in your upcoming and future organizations elections.

For further information on alternatives methods of voting, please drop our CEO an email on lulu@emca.co.za. We look forward to hearing from you.