Political Strategy

2.1 Our Political Party Advisory Services (Profiling and Branding) includes the following, without limitation to:

Profiling and Branding

Another role that the EMCA plays on the political landscape in South Africa is to develop branding and profiling of political parties and independent candidates who intend to contest elections or by elections. The Agency also provides services such as development of political party constitutions and policies, development of elections and by-elections manifestoes, advisory services on elections related services.

Third Party Services

We provide a third party service between our client and the IEC and make submissions on their behalf as far as the following processes are concerned:

lodging/submitting the application for the registration of political parties at the IEC

lodging objections and general communication on behalf of the client with IEC national offices, etc

Regular updating information on behalf of our clients with the IEC

As a specialist professional services company, we have a wealth of experience in handling all elections management, candidate nomination and party

A. Our Elections Management Services Package includes the following, without limitation to:

  • Formulating elections strategies in line with the client’s strategic objectives and constitution;
  • Managing and Facilitating the process of candidate nomination in line with the client’s requirements;
  • Providing elections material;
  • Creating a credible and transparent voting process;
  • Conducting elections: counting and verifying of elections results; and
  • Announcement of elections results, in line with the client’s requirements.

2.2 Political strategy and campaign management

The primary services offered by the EMCA in the African elections market are technical assistance and consultative advice to Electoral Management Bodies (EMBs) with regards to elections related matters.  In similar fashion to building active citizenship programmes in South Africa, EMCA works in partnership with local organisations and foundations with a view to streamline elections processes in the continent and to build standard IT requirements and infrastructure for the continent, whilst, nonetheless, taking into account the different dynamics in each individual country context.   Furthermore, the EMCA is a business entity that creates employment opportunities for young Africans who would like to pursue a career in Elections Management.

As an expert elections management and consulting agency, the EMCA also offer specialist services in developing election and campaign strategies, as well as techniques to assist election candidates and/or political parties to run effective campaigns. Our unique election management and voter education strategies enable us to diagnose and address the mistakes being made by elections contestants, at both the individual and party levels.  Through EMCA’s strategic analysis the client can be assured of a sound electioneering and campaign management strategy that is effective and can position election candidates in strong positions.

We develop strategies and techniques that are tailor-made to suit each individual campaign. In addition, because our campaign teams are comprised of experienced elections and campaigns managers, we are able to adapt campaign strategies according to the changing circumstances. We also have our finger on the pulse of social media, which allows us to know how to appeal to the tech-savvy nature of the majority of voters. 

We develop electioneering and campaign strategies that appeal to a wide range of the demographics of the electorate, including age groups, civic constitutions, civil groups, socio-economic groups, and ideological distinctions amongst others. Our strategies are well researched and their standards in line with global, international best practises. We also ensure that, ultimately, the electioneering and campaign solutions we provide are in line with the client’s strategic objectives.